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2004-12-30 - 7:37 a.m.

notes 5

messages to candoor:
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from annie-m-s-b :
I'll hear it....... sing for me.
from alwaysinhim :
I am sorry for your loss *hugs*
from alwaysinhim :
lol, you're welcome. I am glad it blesses you.
from hamiltonian :
made me think of bob dyland song master of war...
from futureceo :
Dear Cand, I wanted to say Merry Christmas and tell you thank you for your writing. The depth and range you share is stunning and humbling. Too few ever open the doors to their hearts and minds at all, much less throw them open for the world to see. It is a gift, just as much as a curse, and I am grateful for that present all year round. Be kind to yourself and know you are loved and cared for.
from neangel :
aww thanks love! hope your holidays are fulled with lots of love & laughter
from a-rosewithin :
Merry Christmas Ric! I hope you find this day full of many wonderful moments! Love, from a Christmas Elf & Elvettes! ~Shannon & Company!
from omorfia :
wishing you a particularly silly, silly season :) much love!
from clarity25 :
I'm one of those people that are terrified when my nose bleeds:). I hope you're doing well and you have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!
from kilowatt :
May your holidays be filled with an inordinate amount of enchantment!
from alwaysinhim :
PS. I just mean "pornographic" as in extra graphic, in case you were wondering what I was reading into what you were writing.
from alwaysinhim :
um... I was all good, happily reading along.... until I got to the pornographic description of your sneezing... then I wanted to puke. lol. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon *beams get better vibes your way*
from firinne :
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Or, Happy Holidays, if I'm expected to be politically correct about it. :D
from a-rosewithin :
As always I am ever thankful for your notes and compliments, Ric =) I love seeing a tiny reflection of you spread here and there ... =) Loving you from afar, yet near in heart - Love, Shannon
from omnipre5ence :
The phone dying is a good thing though, right?
from realitykills :
Likewise. I have often wanted to say something more about your own but words don't seem to translate my thoughts very well.
from alwaysinhim :
and what do you wonder now?
from kilowatt :
"A compliment is a gift, not to be thrown away carelessly unless you want to hurt the giver." ~ Eleanor Hamilton ~ I am honored by your words of esteem for my diary. Additionally, I am quite pleased that you discovered me so that I could unearth the treasure that is you. I hope that your day will be a delightful amalgamation of bliss, laughter, discovery, satisfaction and inspiration. I thank you again for the pleasure of reading the expression of your beautiful spirit.
from all-on-paper :
Why thank you. :D
from clarity25 :
Thank you so much for your beautiful note,That meant more to me than you know. I've been really down lately. I loved your entry today on aging, it offered a lot of insight.
from f4sakndauter :
"youth is a state of mind, but more, being young is following through on that state of mind... doing things that continue to stimulate the desire to learn and grow and remaining open to the possibilities that life offers..." yes yes..
from alwaysinhim :
you know, I read this:"(search for yourself, you may find me)" again, as I see it everytime I visit this page.. and it reminded me of something this time. I know it's a simple jest, but it reminded me of this >As much as we don't want to be dependent on other people, our whole concept of existence is highly dependent on the mirror that is our friends. This can be good and bad depending on the friends (as I'm sure you already know).< which I said to someone... and that reminds me of something else you said..." if anybody interested does not understand I probably won't explain because explaining changes things and I will give no one that power for it is my life to live, after all"... I understand what you're saying.. but I don't think it's possible to really figure out one's self without other people.. part of what defines anyone is other people: how they are treated, how they treat others, the relationships, and so on. (I do understand what you are saying.. it's just.. well, I have my thoughts anyway, even if I know what you're getting at).
from rainforme :
thank you. :)
from mylovedies :
oh i am well my dear :) & how is the lovely candoor? good i hope? hope you have happy holidays *hugs*
from anabliss :
Things are great, thanks for dropping by. And for you? Hope this Christmas season brings you much deserved joy and happiness for the year to come!
from dalyrical1 :
lets put on our red shoes and dance to the blues!! **kiss** the hugs and smiles you give are more lovely than eating strawberries and drinking lemonade on hot summer days. thank you, love...always thank you.
from ariza :
The way you write, it really inspires me. Are you a journalist/author/etc. of some sort?
from lousrose :
i'm okay. :) *hugs* what about you?
from kilowatt :
"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving soul on another." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~ Each of us has the power to enrich a life, and your continued notes of friendship and admiration have enriched mine. I thank you for your continued reading of my diary and for your extreme thoughtfulness. My wish for you today is that you experience beauty in any form, something, and anything and fully and truly experience the sensation, allowing it to completely overwhelm you. May you experience a truly magical holiday season!
from less-than3 :
thx!! :)
from kilowatt :
You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. I wove my webs for you because I liked you. After all, what's a life, anyway? We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that. ~ E.B. White, Charlotte in "Charlotte's Web" May your day be a delightful adventure of bliss, laughter, discovery, satisfaction and inspiration.
from cats-corner :
No worries may have noticed (or not) that I've not been large with the updates of late, so believe me: you're not missing anything. -cat
from girlsuicide :
jesus! fancy seeing you here, man.
from alwaysinhim :
no.. in this case, it wasn't good. you said in a note, in another place that I try to see beyond the words, and so I held my tongue.
from mugwhump :
Hey! How did you get so many 'Linkers' anyway? What's your secret?
from mugwhump :
Thanks for the note. I've been popping occasionally, but I haven't left a note. That doesn't mean I don't care. Merry Christmas big guy!
from alwaysinhim :
I'm afraid I don't know what to say (or perhaps I just feel I should hold my tongue and don't want to admit it).
from devian :
oh, you're so sweet :) i hope you like it if you get it~~
from alwaysinhim :
I see, with a (kind) smirk, that you've been thinking about that song (Somewhere only we know) some more. (I knew you'd get addicted to it once you'd heard it). And isn't it the oddest thing to write when you things are not going as you would like them too.. but you still don't really have anything to complain about.. the dilemma then arises: well.. then.. how do I assess myself? I'm not this.. I'm not that.. What am I? yeah. anyway.
from anathema- :
I miss you.
from arc-angel666 :
Hey Rick: Thanks for the note, you are a kind man. I haven't been myself lately, as you put it I'm in one of those teary parts of life but I'll be okay. As for being and a writer I'm a screen writer, there is a difference than being an Author,although I have been published, I like screenwriting. So you want to be an actor and a writer? So, what's stopping you? You certainly have the skills as a writer,as far as an actor put your words in motion. Have you submitted any of your work? If not you might want to think about this.....Never seen, never published. There are a number of decent agents in Florida especially for writers, if you want to act I advise you to come to LA. But first you must have thick skin and be able to deal with rejection, how are you at living in extreme low rent areas lol? I have been doing this for quite awhile and have had a pretty good run of luck. I found my nich and stayed there. If you are serious and believe in yourself and have some ability then by all means follow your dreams...funny thing they have a way of coming true. Good Night Rick
from j-monster :
Wow. I didn't know anyone was actually still looking at my diary. I actually switched to livejournal back in Sept., but that journal is no longer being used. I am no over at They have way more options and are completely free. My user name there is Joshalyn, should you care to look it up. I just barely started it, so as of this moment, there are zero entries in it. Long story...I will fix that tonight. Thanks for the note, though. You should come over to greatestjournal. I am trying to get more people there. I like it there better.
from thegivinghrt :
Thank you. So far today has been an okay day, better than most, nothing too terrible has occurred... yet at least. Thank you once more. ^-^ <333
from annie-m-s-b :
Wow I made you speechless! Well for about 12 hours any way... There's one more up you haven't seen yet and I am sure it won't make you speechless again. Love you!
from kissoncheek :
Your quite welcome for the laugh, although I fear that the political things we find amusing, because they are so atrocious, will soon come to fruition and be grotesque realities.
from alwaysinhim :
if your note was in response to the dialogue I wrote down.. I want to be sure you understand that it was a real conversation (minus the thoughts in italics which were also real, but stayed safely in my head until I wrote them down). and what is "a little sad but more exciting than anything else" about missing (my entries?). No, I don't take any distancing personally. If I did, then I'd be an awful hypocrit and not worthy of your attention or a budding friendship.
from annie-m-s-b :
Thank you for stopping by and your words. Please go see what they inspired and what I wrote for you. Much Love to YOU
from trulypoetic :
It's ok. Shoot me an email at poeticalgirl@hotmail and I'll reply back to you with the username/password info.
from re-ravel :
thanks for taking my survey!
from annie-m-s-b :
Good Morning, I love you, here's a BIG hug!
from alwaysinhim :
thank you, you're too kind. hugs dear
from a-rosewithin :
Loving you this moment from afar ... yet so near in heart, Ric =) Love from a nut! ~Shannon
from alwaysinhim :
well, it was a lot of reading.. but I enjoyed all the laughing.. from you.. and at you =P lol.
from dalyrical1 :
thank you darlin'. this hug's for you....*hugs and kisses*
from slurpymundae :
so insightful! i really enjoyed the quotes today and i agree about religion being a path for those who need it. i set my own path and my personal guidance comes mostly from me, friends and family. i'm kind of bad for not believing in things that aren't concrete. if i can't see/talk to you then how i can't relate to you? (God, I mean) So basically I'm a bit too realist, maybe even naturalist, but I like it. :) suits me well! have a lovely day!
from alwaysinhim :
already done. I feel loved. and Happy Thanksgiving.
from a-rosewithin :
My thoughts echo's those below, Ric =) I am happy to see you are well. Know that I send you many thought hugs this evening! Love ~Shannon
from dalyrical1 :
and so are you...loved, that is...
from kilowatt :
I am so pleased that you ARE alive and doing well. I sent you an email on Saturday. I know that you experience difficulties with your email account, therefore did you receive it? I thank you for your response. May I please reiterate the beauty of your prose. Your words are an arabesque of intense beauty. I wish I could send you my flock of wild parrots to carry you to a sanctuary somewhere perfectly still where you can encounter the knowledge that you are a treasure, phosphorescent with beauty. I shall send my thoughts of acceptance, love, and encouragement especially gift wrapped to you. May you accept these words to you. Please remember to be kind to yourself and bask in the knowledge that others, even ones you have never met and live thousands of miles away, think thoughts of kindness and respect towards you. "In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer." ~ Albert Camus ~ May serenity be with you in all that you are and in all that you do.
from rotted :
thank you for the note. it's getting better every day.
from kestra :
Oh, it would probably make it easier if I posted the diary entry for you. The one where I made animated gifs is at I am still new to making them, but if you want to try yourself, I posted a link to the program I used, which it's a great program. :)
from kestra :
Thanks for leaving me a note about my banner! :) I made quite a few of them, but I did post them in my diary entry whenever I made a new one, so if you really wanted it, I'm sure you could find it that way. lol Sorry to hear about your laptop troubles! I've had the problem you've had with it only wanting to save as a BMP before but I think it had to do with a browser error instead - so I'd open up a different browser. I think this was just an Internet Explorer browser problem though... not that I'm some computer expert, sorry. LOL
from alwaysinhim :
It was good to come home to your note after just an awful night away. *hugs*
from long-ignored :
thank you so much for the glad to be able to bring a smile to your face simply by being...You make it easy for me then, don't you?
from kilowatt :
I resent to you the undelivered email. Please let me know if you have received it. Thank you.
from hauntedmind :
uncertain to the reasons, I was compelled to revisit an old partner in the journal-scribbling crime. it's great to find you again. stay you, (I know you will). I'll visit again soon.
from alwaysinhim :
thank you thank you thank you (and more thank yous with my smile which has become permanently fixated on my face.. for at least a while). I am pleased that you like it.
from annie-m-s-b :
EvaneScence has a new CD/DVD coming out 11/23 and Amy Lee has a single out with Seether called "Broken." What a beautiful song it is! Thank you for your comments full of Love. Much Love and a big HUG to you, Annie P.S. there will be no more writing in small-talk-, I didn't see that you hit the link so I thought I'd let you know.
from a-rosewithin :
Perfect timing! I just woke up ... coffee in hand ... checked my email and Voila! A Hug! I love hugs ... of any kind =) Thank you Ric! Love, ~Shannon
from alwaysinhim :
by jove! I think I do! =P.. but I am still waiting for some more words to come directly my way.. and yes, I know, loving people gets rid of apathy (because you can't actively love someones AND be apathetic..).. but um,.. yeah, I just lost my train of thought.
from a-rosewithin :
Ric, Regarding your words in your recent entries TO Kim and ABOUT Kim: Beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, inspiring.-- She does inspire so much, as do you. If I could describe her in one word, it would be: Visionary. If I could describe you in one word it would be: Nurturer. You have a way of making the heart more easy ... you supply others with much needed love and support. (was that more than one word...*g*). ---- Regarding "My Final Rhyme": Lovely. Just simply lovely. " matter where you go I will love you. no matter what you do I will love you. if you love me, then for me, this is what you can do please love again, for my love lives in you." ... And this is what I mean by supplying others with much needed love and support - even as we sing our last song. You are lovely Ric Candor. =) Loving you from afar, yet near in heart. ~Shannon PS. I be rubbin' your BuddhaBelly very happily! /winks
from arc-angel666 :
Hello Ric: Its Michael the guy that thought you were a Woman lol. I have been reading your work and must admit if you were indeed a Woman I'd dated ya! lol. Seriously your work it is wonderful. It does one good to see there are other Men willing to speak their hearts. To talk of beauty, friendship and love for other Human Beings. It is a noble and wondrous thing and I feel it should be of the highest priority for Men. As a Man in doing so it completes me. With my circuitry fully connected and my energies free to communicate with all that is, I am a whole Man and unencumbered by fear, gender or prejudice. You work is a must read. Later Ric the Man lol. Your friend Michael
from kilowatt :
I sent you an email. Please let me know if you have received it. Thank you.
from kilowatt :
My Dear Candoor, I am a child again on Christmas morning, waking up early and lying in bed, full of adrenaline as the sun rises and light filters through the windows, anxious for my parents to open the bedroom door and say, "Good morning! It's time to unwrap presents." Reading your entry "on life and death", I am five years old again, thinking of all the possibilities that might lie under the tree for me. Reading your words, I glimpse a package wrapped in slick vibrant red paper; a package bigger than I anticipated, bigger than I dreamed, bigger than I am. Finally, as I unwrap the bow and tear hungrily into the paper, I discover a gift more exciting, fulfilling, precious, and wonderful than I had ever dreamed. I thank you for the treasured gift that is your words of loveliness. May today be a day of sparkling vibrancy, energy, passion, productivity, and immense fulfillment for you.
from alwaysinhim :
I don't remember what I was going to say. .but I think it had something to do with agreeing with you about the entrancing enchantress you mention so sweetly.
from kilowatt :
The only words I can conjure up at this juncture in response to your wonderful words of inspiration are "Thank You." Furthermore, I thank you for all of your phenomenal words of admiration, kindness, wise, and astute contained within the delightful plethora of notes that I have been blessed to receive from you tonight! Each word you left me is most appreciated. Furthermore, your tremendous encouragement and sympathy uplift me. And just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, know that you are an amazing person and that you are loved and admired. I thank you again for your exquisite thoughtfulness and compassion. May your evening be filled with enchantment.
from kilowatt :
Additionally, I thank you for signing my guestbook and I rectified the html problem. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
from kilowatt :
"The sweetest of all sounds is praise." ~ Xenophon ~ I am immensely touched by your whimsical wordplay and your saccharine descriptions of admiration of my character and journal. I thank you for taking the time and energy to relay your metaphorically lovely sentiments of esteem. My dear Candoor, I want to wrap you in my warm embrace and tell you that you are beautiful, worthy, wonderful, enchanting, intelligent, delightful, and are deserving of receiving an abundance of love. You are a shimmering effervescent glass of champagne, bubbly, intoxicating, a celebration, and a joy to many! Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, and the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts. For out of them will grow all delightful conditions if you but remain true to them. To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to achieve. Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you one day shall be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil. The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg. And in the highest vision of a soul, a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities. I am convinced that you have a miraculous life ahead of you. I thank you for the pleasure of sharing your dreams with me. Have a beautiful evening and my thoughts are with you. And please remember to be kind to yourself and bask in the knowledge that others, even ones you have never met and live thousands of miles away, think thoughts of kindness and respect towards you.
from kilowatt :
Today, I wish you a soupcon of silence: Alone in the house on Saturday morning before anybody but you is awake silence. The silence between you and your best friend at the end of a good day together. High mountain silence. The silence of a meditation that has smoothed your worry lines away. Under warm water silence. The silence before you were born.
from a-rosewithin :
Re: "And then on to the gym..." Beautiful entry Ric. I especially enjoyed this: "...and I offer this thought that is the core of my happiness and security and love in and of this life... the true love, the falling feeling, the purest most beautiful wonderful amazing magical love of all is inside... others can inspire it, but as long as I remember that it comes from me, it's created in me, and it is not dependent on anyone else (though massively inspired by others why appeal to my heart), then it is always beautiful for it can not be taken away or diminished or hurt unless I stop believing it is mine... even when I give it away, it remains mine, mine to share, mine to feel..." --- I so enjoy your 'core' ... and listening to you always "creating me - YOU". --- Loving you from afar, yet near in heart always! ~Shannon
from alwaysinhim :
you too huh? I am in the process of making two entries strictly devoted to presenting links (to old entries). I'm almost finished with one, and the other is barely started. anyway. lots of hugs {}
from dalyrical1 :
how honored i am to be called an inspiration...of any you
from nightngale :
Hi there! Sorry about the delay in the response, I never got a notice about the new note! Anyhow, yes, my jadenightingale pages are down, unfortunately. I've been promised that they (friends of mine who host the site) are working on it, but it's been slow. I'll let you know when they're up if you want. Thanks! :)
from kilowatt :
I want to wrap you in my warm embrace and tell you that you are beautiful, worthy, wonderful, enchanting, intelligent, delightful, and are deserving of receiving an abundance of love. You are a labyrinth of colors and feelings and starlight and snowfall. Have a beautiful day and my thoughts are with you. May you be blessed with a few hours of silence today. *hugs*
from kilowatt :
I must apologize for my lack of decorum and I am profoundly embarrassed for not thanking you earlier for providing the means for me to become acquainted with the lovely, enchanting, inspiring, intelligent, and compassionate Shannon. Because of you, I have been introduced to this remarkable woman. I thank you for your generous and exquisite nature. You are absolutely divine! May the beauty of your world and life leave you breathless.
from kilowatt :
I have missed your posts filled with humor, insightfulness, and intelligent observations and opinions. I hope that you are well. However, I do understand the need to rest. Anne Morrow Lindbergh said "Life is always somewhere between retreat and renewal." My thoughts are with you and may your day be filled with copious amounts of delight.
from cats-corner :
We all lose everything eventually; some would say your position is fortuitous, some would believe just the opposite...and someone like me would say: "Whatever works for ya..."
from a-rosewithin :
And so leaving you a note today ... because you were so strongly on my mind this morning as I drove to a morning workout. Ric, know that I love you! I hope you are getting plenty of rest and also on a more playful note: I hope that you have decided to experience a Buddha Belly Burn! teeheehee --- Rubbing your belly from afar and yet near in heart ... oh the silly thoughts that inspires! Dancing a Giggle and I hope you are too! ~Shannon
from alwaysinhim :
well, I guess that's something then.
from areistia :
hey- Thanks for the note. As for the rebound thing, it really wouldn't be. I haven't spoken to Brian in 8 months... the reason its so hard for me to let him go is because I've been in love with him on and off for the last 13 years. (we met in 7th grade). If you're bored one day, please feel free to check out the older entries and you can kind of see how the relationship went for the last year or so. I would like a new crush because I'm ready for one and because I'm feeling like the only reason I'm thinking about Brian anymore is becuase I have like no one else to think about... have a great weekend - melinda
from kilowatt :
Your words are exquisite and soothe my slightly raw, exposed, and fatigued soul. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your voice, for your optimism, for your vitality, for your enthusiasm, for your beauty. Thank you for your extreme thoughtfulness. Thank you for showing me that kindness really is the salve that shall heal the world. I shall always speak of your brilliance and benevolence.
from alwaysinhim :
Johnny Five is one of my favoritest movies of all times
from a-rosewithin :
A beautiful heartfelt entry Ric. Thought provoking, considerate and enlightening. A wonderful encouragement for me and I am sure for others. Thank you for 10/27. Loving you from afar, yet near in heart. =) ~Shannon
from fuzzycircles :
hey, thanks for the note the other day... I tried to leave one then but my comps been gping crazy.. it seems settled now tho :) can I ask how u found my page?
from futureceo :
Thanks for the beautiful tribute to kilowatt. I emailed her yesterday after reading her entry about getting negative criticism. It broke my heart to know someone who only wants to spread a little light and peace would be attacked like that. I don't get it!
from alwaysinhim :
I wouldn't mind if you stared into my eyes. I do that too.. to anyone who will let me.. but as you mentioned, most people don't like others looking them in the face (because it makes them feel naked?.. I mean... what if people could really look into another's eyes... and see inside of them). but my most favorite part to star at are hands and necks. I love watching the muscles in people hands and the steady evidence of the thump thump inside of all of us in a particular spot on the neck. It awes me beyond mere words to watch these things.
from augustdreams :
I'm living proof that whomever you wrote those lovely words for isn't the only one who cares to know those things about you. :) Whenever you do feel up to responding to email and venturing out into the wilds (and I know how scary that can be) I (and my friendship) will still be here.
from neangel :
you have and always will be the sweet man on dland that i have never met! thank you so much for mentioning me eer well actually linking me and even having it in your mind [even if in the back] to wish me a happy bday. if and when i do get my voice finally recorded again on cd i would love to send it to you. take care and thanks again love.
from miame :
Thank you so much for the note! I really didn't believe that anyone would like a whole rundown of the last 25 years of my life! I never really thought of it as "sharing myself" but that's a pretty good way to put it. Have a beautiful day! Sandy
from realitykills :
I just wanted to thank you for the warm and fuzzy feeling that your entry gave me today, it was a very pleasant change.
from tamarafayd :
You have followed me to all three of my domains. Many of them are in ruins and in rampant states of decay. Inspiration, much less motivation seems to be hard to come by in these parts. * offers a terse smile * regardless... I was uncertain as if to weather or not you got my reply within my live journal? ... I wanted to take the time out and thank you personally, for all you have invested. It is not unnoticed nor under appreciated. Should you ever need to talk yourself, please know I am at your complete disposal to what ever means suits you the most. Am, Or Not, Lucian Savage
from kilowatt :
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." ~ Leo Buscaglia ~ I humbly thank you for your words of kindness. I wish you a crisp bushel of apple-flavored calm, a carnival that blows in while you sleep, feeling beloved on the earth, and an immaculate abode upon waking.
from cats-corner :
Thank you so much for your lovely're entirely too generous and kind. -cat P.S. If you write me another e-mail, my address has changed to
from alwaysinhim :
am I one of those three people?
from alwaysinhim :
I love pretty endings... and I think that's why most stories end happily. Sad story endings just aren't as satisfying.
from alwaysinhim :
of course.. that's the way we always do it.. cut yourself and expect everyone else to kiss it, make it feel better, and also feel sorry for us..(not that I'm trying to imply that you're mutilating yourself, even figuratively, but that was all I could think along the lines of self-inflicted).
from alwaysinhim :
heh, alright then. I'm not going anywhere. (not that I was planning on it... even if I were to commit suicide.. I'd be writing as I did it just because I'm that attached to writing... and that's not to say that I'm considering such a fruitless endeavor, it was just an example)
from kilowatt :
Find at least one thing today that makes you happy and fills you with a sense of peace and contentment. My wish for you today is that you experience beauty in any form, the sunrise, the sunset, the smell of grass, laughter, the softness of an embrace, something, anything and fully and truly experience the sensation, allowing it to completely overwhelm you. Be at peace my friend. "Days full of wanting. Let them go by without worrying that they do. Stay where you are inside such a pure, hollow note." ~ Rumi
from annie-m-s-b :
Hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug...
from augustdreams :
You've got mail! :)
from josepi :
thanks for the link up! ^_^
from cats-corner :
Oh believe me when I say, I'm paying for those three cigs. I practiced (singing) tonight and my glands are now *aching*! I'll list the password as soon as I post the porny entry. As I said, I don't mind at all about who sees it, but I know some people who read my diary who might be offended by clicking my username and being confronted by a sexually graphic entry. One wouldn't think I'd never engaged in sexual activity by my writing. :-) -cat
from futureceo :
Hey, thanks for wandering by my way today. I agree with you on being open and wanting to share. It is difficult to find other like souls; I run into it all the time myself. I hope you never lose your flexibility or desire to be open. Like you said, it is a part of who you are and what makes you special. So if ever want to talk, write, or babble, feel free to come my way. futureceo5@(removethis)
from futureceo :
Was I really so rude as to not respond to your note regarding mine to kilowatt?? Forgive me for my belated appreciation to your kind words. May I link to your diary? I admire kilowatt's taste and she speaks highly of you. :)
from moony68 :
thanks, man. :)
from anniesart :
i am glad yoou like it. did you like my red dog on the bottom i like him a lot.
from augustdreams :
Thank you. *hug*
from alwaysinhim :
I'm sleepy. (but I really did want an answer).
from annie-m-s-b :
You made me cry..... Thank You. Love and hugs Annie
from hamiltonian :
ask me about certain quotes...I am an email away ok?
from annie-m-s-b :
We are very creative here...... with all the rain (Not) we have to use our minds so they don't get damp. You REALLY have to come sometime! I LOVE sundry!!!!
from hamiltonian :
feel free to meail me if have any questions...
from hamiltonian :
thanks for reading!

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