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2004-08-26 - 6:24 p.m.

Diaryland Survey (the second)

(first draft... this will be added to tomorrow (I shall seek to add cleverness and amusement and such), but it's here for your fun and perusal today cuz I love ya like that)

some of you may know me (or knew me) before I opened the curtains and let you all behind the candoor (in other words, before this life in black and white diary started)... of course if you really wanted to know me, you could come over and ask me whatever you wanted to know in person... or you could call and get a voice answer, which is not quite as much information as an in person answer, but at least ads the sound of voice to the words... and then, there's always email... or for a less interactive way of knowing something about me, you can read 101 things about me by clicking the 202 Things link to the left... and now, you can find out more in this entry...

a couple of years ago I filled this entry out for candora and some of the answers will not change, but some may if only because I like to find different ways of saying the same thing (a babbler's curse, or blessing, depending upon your perspective)... as I did with the 202 things thing, I originally found the survey below on another site, CrankyDragon, who is no longer at DLand and she took it from Paper-bag, who is also no longer at DLand and has left no forwarding address that I can find... I'm not sure who created it originally, but the survey itself is worth filling out if you are still at DLand... in fact, I think I will add a few questions as I go here just to make it more challenging or interesting or something... feel free to borrow it and credit me and I'll try to still be here so your links don't end up on the DLand error page in a couple of years... remember to read my original answers to this survey too for you'll learn even more than you ever knew you wanted to know about me...

Diaryland Survey

1. What is your name?

which name, I wonder... starting here you can find a variety of names I am and have been known by... or you can read on for clues if you like... my name name be any one of the following: Candora Ric Y. Funda Harry Candoor Anonanonanon Ricky Sysquash Brian Newsbee Richard Bivalent Amy Held Childinside Lanza Webbot Harawitz Beetlebrox Mostlydead Hominti Lovewarp Candor (among many others)... what, you thought this was going to be easy?... well, now you know...

in all seriousness, I've been roaming around the web for enough years to have had dozens of screen names in an equal number of places... my friends call me Ric offline... you haven't called me yet, have you?... naaa na (note my tongue sticking out)...

2. Your age?

again I see my virtual anonymity crumble... perhaps I shall not be as elusive with answers as I was last time, but I shall, however, make you work for this answer for one reason and that reason is I put a lot of work into playing with the answer to the a/s/l question (if you don't know what a/s/l means, good for you) that seems more important than any other online and I wouldn't want to waste my efforts to mock the superficiality of a/s/l judgments... so here you can begin to know the answer to this and other typically shallow questions (you might need a calculator... or if you don't have one, you can always borrow a friend's fingers and toes, I suppose... of course you might actually be able to do the math in your head, which would be a novel approach these days... clues, what clues?... imagine you can hear the laughter)...

3. What is your Dland name?


gee, that was easy

or was it?... the whole truth is I do not remember them all without a scorecard and I don't have a complete scorecard cuz I've got some DLand names I haven't used yet (and then, out of habit, I just might list some that aren't mine just cuz I love some people/diaries so much and enjoy the confusion it might bring... what, you've never done that?... how dare I?... would a sheepish grin help?)... candora, funda, mostlydead, bivalent, lovewarp, perversions, browsing, browsings, and who knows what tomorrow...

4. Why did you choose it?

cuz candor was already taken (and he is practically a neighbor, though we've not met offline and I don't think he's too harrassed over the similarity in names)... that was candora, the first diary I had here... and then candoor kind of fit with the concept of behind the candoor and since this was... did I explain this already?... I thought about candorb, candorc, candord, candore, candorf, candorg (this could go on for a while, you might want to get a snack), but have not actually written anything for those yet... I figure candork is for when I feel like a dork (which baits the question, why don't I write there most of the time, but you probably guessed that before I mentioned it)... one day there will be an even larger network of candiaries and then, look out, the world will be mine... of course I won't have any time to do anything with it, but...

5. How long have you been a member?

what is time?... actually, prehistoric signs point to my being here long before I can remember, but actual documented history dates back a few years... I was keeping an online journal on my website since the mid-nineties (though not all of it is still out there due to mergers and aquisitions), but only came to these community sites after the millenium changed...

6. How did you find out about Diaryland?

a long long time ago... wait, you can read that story in the previous encarnation of this survey... the short story is blame it on her (and her too)...

7. Good experiences on Diaryland?

almost all of them

what, you want specifics?... I have some phone friends through diaryland... I still haven't met a DLander offline, though I've met lots of people offline through the internet... if you are ever in Orlando, call 407-325-1482 and I just might be there...

8. Bad experiences on Diaryland?

the usual computer malfunctions that erase words before they are saved hurts... I haven't been stalked much yet... finding a favorite disappeared is sad... maybe the saddest thing of all for me is being on someone's favorite's list and then suddenly finding I am no longer on their list... rejection sucks... but that's the worst of it so far...

9. What's the best thing about Dland?

Cranky Dragon is still right, the answer is: That it exists.

10. Worst thing?

the worst thing now is still that there are not enough hours in the day to write as much as I want to write or read as much as I want to read... so the worst thing about DLand is it doesn't pay me to write here full time...

and no spellchecker... Andrew said he'd work on it... that was in 2001...

yes, still, the worst thing is being taken off somebody's favorites list... I pout silently in a puddle of tears... and wonder why...

11. Have you gotten any friends through Dland?

online, lots... a dozen or so have called and some still keep in touch by phone and snail mail... surprise packages still have me leaving the post office grinning with giggles... I would love to actually meet some of you offline and look into your eyes and talk to the person behind the words...

everyone should check out now, dangit!

12. How many Diaryland accounts you have?

why are you laughing?... 3 livejournal accounts, several journals on my website, and a few others at other community sites that I rarely use these days... you can keep a secret, right?...

I listed all I could think of in questions 3 and 4, in case you weren't paying attention...

13. Do you have a story/zine/article diary in addition to your "normal" diary?

a normal diary?... this might be as close to a normal diary as I've got, though nobody's ever called me or anything I do normal... I do have browsings where you can write an entry about your web browsing and plug a website you like... and other diaries for other more specific reasons... browsing (without the 'S') is my own place to dump links I like and ramble on about other people's sites... if you want to call it a review site, maybe, but it's certainly note the normal sort of review site... remember, not normal... candora is for when the romantic muses call to me... funda is for when I have something short (and sweet?... well, maybe not always sweet, or profound even, but short, definitely short)... mostlydead is kind of a portal to my LJ of the same name where I throw pity-parties and let the really bad sad out when it bubbles up... speaking of LJ, I do have a journal over there called candor which was started back in 2000 or so, but this candoor diary kind of replaced it without telling me... Letters to the Night has not been used, though it will be when I have time for writing more letters... did you ever find my written gardens or main gate or site map?... but back to DLand, there's bivalent for certain less defined moods and lovewarp for when I realize I am caught in one and perversions for when life gets perverse (which can be fun or not... consider it X rated, ok?)... had enough yet?...

13. What kind of Diaries do you like to read?

naked people... oh wait, you said read... well, I like diaries where people write on their bodies and then... ok, seriously, ego and libido are secondary to my love of the written word... words that read with consistency and integrity and apparent honesty... and profound words... and silly words... most of all, words from the heart... diaries of friends and people who will be my friends... will you be my friend?...

"Reading is like thinking with someone else's mind" ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

14. What kind of Diaries don't you like to read?

judgemental diaries... negativity seldom appeals unless it is clever and meaningful sarcasm (Monty Python, for instance)... attempts to hurt others personally with words and all I said last time I answered this question...

15. Your favorite Diaries?

my profiles have some, but I am way behind in updating them simply due to lack of time for reading and adding... that's dumb, I guess, since I get such a thrill when I see myself listed as a favorite somewhere... but I want to at least read enough of someone somewhat regularly, at least for a little while, so I can say something meaningful when I list a diary...

mental note to self: get more organized...

16. Do you use Diaryland layout defaults, or custom layout?

I don't change the basic layouts much, but I type all my own code (very simple code, as you can see) most of the time... when I have time and computer power for reading more techie books and webpage publishing programs and graphics programs I'll probably explore more intricate designs as I love visuals... I've never actually seen a design I want to steal though, just bits and pieces and images I store away in my mind (or on my hard drive) for some later use...

17. If you use a custom-made layout, who made it for you?

guess I answered this in the last question...

18. If you made your layout by yourself, or if you got a chance to wish for a layout theme when you requested for one, what influenced you, why did you choose to go with that particular theme or thing?

layout critics love to hate me (or pity me, at least)... and I still I love making my critics happy...

19. Do you use the mail forwarding Diaryland offers for members?

yup, and it lets less SPAM through than other addresses, so I like it's SPAM protection... I wonder if I lose any contacts along the way... if you write to me and I don't respond, write again... I respond to everything in some way (sometimes with more words than you might want to read)...

20. What kind of things do you write about in your diary?

I suppose this might be kind of obvious, but I don't often think about what I write in my diary, it just happens...

21. How often do you update?

as daily as possible, usually more often... just imagine if I only had one diary and didn't have to work a full time job and have all sorts of other obligations and activities in this life...

22. Do you get comments often?

see my sad face?... I pay for comments at candora, but rarely are any left there so I don't pay for it here or elsewhere... maybe I should try it here since this is more daily life and maybe easier to comment on specifically than candora's fluffy fantasies?... or will I toss out the money and feel even more as though my words are not worth specific comments... maybe I'll get brave (and extravagant) one of these days... I love comments, interactions, visitors (you've got my number, right?)...

23. When people comment, do they comment the content or the layout?

there are so few comments, it's not easy to define them, but I suppose there are more comments about content than anything else... layout issues usually end up in notes or my tagboard, which are less specific ways to communicate... I love notes and tags too, by the way...

24. When people comment, do they use the Analyzer, Guestbook, e-mail or other commenting thing?

I think I came around after the Analyzer went byebye... most people leave notes, next would be tags over at candora, a few have found their way to my guestbook, but not often, and individual entry comments get used the least... as does email... and the phone least of all... then again, the doorbell gets used least of all... come and knock on my door...

25. Do you have a NotifyList?

no... I still have several hundred groups that I rarely use though (and I moderate many of them... so many ways to touch each other, so little time)... join one?... or many, for that matter... wanna help moderate?... apply within...

26. Do you have an account from


27. Do you have a page at Pitas?

I don't have one I remember, but I think I explored it years ago...

28. Do you have a personal website somewhere, in addition to your diary?

yes... and more personal... it never ends, in fact... of course that could just be an illusion...

29. If so -- is your diary (or diaries) linked from it?

yes, often... very often... I tend to link a lot... and use massive understatements with a touch of sarcasm, in case you haven't noticed... I will kiss you if you visit and link me...

30. Have you met any weirdos during your stay at Dland?

obviously, being one of the weirdest myself...

31. What kind of extra stuff do you have on your diary (e.g polls, poems, stories, art...)?

different diaries have different stuff... rhymes/poems, rings, surveys, tagboard, photos may present themselves eventually... I love toys and gadgets and fun stuff... any suggestions?...

32. Do you like to see extra things on people's diaries, or do you think the written content of the diary itself is more important?

I'll resate this again cuz it's still the same and clear as I want it to be: words are why I am here... I love images and creative design, but only if it emphasizes the words... for me, design is the background, the stage... words are the costumes and content, the meaning inside the author, make up the actors wear, and reason for being here...

33. Do you have accounts on other diary hivesites such as LiveJournal etc.?

yes... several... I don't pay for any anywhere else these days... while I will explore putting a diary'journal back up on my own site when I have the right tools, for overall service and ease of use, I am comfortable at Diaryland...

34. Have you registered your diary to contests like "top 100 diaries" or such?

I did once... they threw me out for getting too many hits from myself the first week... hey, I wanted to see how it worked... I am not into competition or working to sell myself much, but I love the attention, so feel free to flash my names anywhere you'd like...

35. What is more important: writing to your diary or getting hits, comments or becoming well-known on Dland or well-known as a diary writer?

CrankyDragon (remember, I copped this survey from her... but it sounds like one that Andrew or what's her name {with apologies for not remembering} might have put together... has a bit of a marketing touch to it in places, aye?... but it's good info, right?... anyway, back to CD) wrote: I really want to be admired, respected, etc. That's why I made my Please Like Me ring. I'm not terribly proud of that desire, but I accept it as part of myself. I try to focus more on my writing.


36. Do you know your average hit per day rate at the moment?

sometimes, I am very pleased to say, it is an embarrassingly high number... without banners, I think 50+ hits a day is pretty good... candoor is currently at 47... I just started getting stats here... candora is at 70 (which is down from a peak of about 90 last year)... I don't get stats on any of my other diaries anymore...

37. How many people are linking to your diary from their profiles at this moment?

candoor: 30, candora: 42, funda: 18 (others are under 10 last I checked)...

38. Do you know why they link to you?

this is how I answered last time:

one fell in love with me, then disppeared... then another fell in love with me, and she disappeared too... this seems to be a pattern I can not explain... I have no idea why anyone would want to link to me after this answer, but I am open to suggestion... maybe it's something about the wisdom of not wanting to be a member of any club that would want you as a member... yes, I love Groucho too...

more seriously, I hope people love words as much as I do and find me adorable, irresistible, and addictive... but I'd happily settle for some pity-links from well respected diarists... I mean, I don't want to have to cut off my other ear, ya know?... most of all, after expressing myself, I hope to please my readers and find some friends on and offline...

I still feel the same and while meaningful dialogues and closer contacts mean the most, it is thrill to feel popular and even more of a thrill to read a positive comment about why I might be linked... that's why I started my own browsing diary and why I opened a public Browsings diary for you to reflect on each other (see, it's not all selfishness behind the candoor... but go ahead, link me, you might start a trend)...

39. Are you a Diaryland Gold Member and if you aren't, would you like to be one?

SuperGold on candora, Gold on this one... funda fell out of the gold cuz I stopped feeling brief and profound lately... and there was no blogathon this year... and I am poor, send money please...

40. If you are a Gmember, why did you sign up for it? And if you aren't but would like to, why?

hmmmm, popularity or more services... well, more services so I might become more popular?... the stats are pure ego stroking, really... I don't need the web space (or use it) and there are cheaper spaces out there... I should probably say I wanted banner hits like I did last time, but I am still too lazy (and graphically deprived) to create a banner... I suppose I really signed up so I could modify my design (what?... I paid for design?... shhhh)... and I do think Andrew deserves a tangible thank you (spellchecker, say it again, spellchecker)...

41. Why did you originally sign up for your diary account, has the reason changed during your stay at Dland?

communication, the written world, and I'll repeat thiscuz it's still the truth for me:

in a John Lennonesque kind of way, I want to imagine and believe the internet will save humankind from (what is the word for genocide when a species does it to itself?... infanticide?... species-suicide?) extinction or worse fates... yes, I signed up at Diaryland to save the world, didn't everyone?... seriously!

42. If you can track down referring urls, what is the most common search that generates your site in the results?

dunno... I still do not check referrals daily and the stats only go back 24 hours (hey, there's a feature addition you can work on)... homemade barometers still get a lot of hits... as do pervertsrus and Milla Jovovich and poemtry... I started a page to try to list some and I'll update it now and then (though checking is still quite haphazard)...

43. Have you ever been quoted or submitted material to quoted?

repeating this answer: I have published small magazines in the past and have been published in small periodicals, but that was another life and any records of that time are hermetically sealed in a storage facility in Rosewell, New Mexico along with the craft I came in on... actually, most of the stuff is a mile from where the Great Niagara River forms out of Lake Ontario, just north of the Falls... slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch (who remembers that?... come on, you're not all high schoolers out there and I know lots of smart kids who watch old TV shows... ooo, there's a clue)... anyway, there was no proof of any UFO abduction, or drop off, for that matter, so the answer remains, I take the fifth (on the rocks, please)...

44. Have you ever submitted and/or been published at oddgoogle?

no, and I forgot all about it... like quoted, but lowbrow... I hesitate making much effort to join any community (and I gave up beer after they bronzed my barstool with me on it - which has nothing to do with the good people at the diaryland site, I refer to a stage of my personal history when I fell off the stage a lot) because I sometimes get the sense that they might be elitist and not joking... I meant the quote I stole from Groucho a while back... but then, if I was coaxed and ushered in somewhere with grand fanfare, they probably wouldn't have to twist my arm much... or even pay me (am I too flippant for my own good?... maybe they do notice)...

45. What makes you link to other diaries?

common interests, they like me... and as I said many times as an excuse for my literary fawning and occasional drooling, I fall in love at the drop of a hat (or assorted odd clothing) and words do it to me better than anything that doesn't have actual blood running through it... I adore writers who inspire me or move me to laughter or tears or deep thought... Jack Handy should have had a diaryland site?... Or Jack Nicholson... or Jack Benny... or Jack 'n the Beanstalk...

46. Diaryland ad banners, good or bad?

good, mostly... some are amazingly creative and clever and amusing and I save them just to laugh at them in the privacy of my offline madness... some, no matter how good they are, repeatedly lead to emptiness... still, someday, I'll probably have one of my own that will lead unwitting people here and then I'll have to live up to my publicity...

47. Diaryrings for Gmembers only, good or bad?

all good... anything that connects is good... oh, but only for paid members (I missed this point last time I think... hmmmm, not so good cuz it exclues most DLanders, yet I understand it is a feature and fairness says chip in something... maybe there should be a dollar a month level for features for people poor like me, or poorer...

48. Diaryrings, good or bad?

definitely good, networking, good, connecting, good...

49. Old Analyzer vs. new Analyzer, good or bad?

again with the Analyzer... it doesn't exist as far as I can tell... was this like some sort of compatibility measuring script like on dating sites?... might be fun, or abused, but fun too...

50. Do you wish to evolve as a writer through or using your diary, or do you just write?

evolve?... I dunno, you tell me...

51. Do you ever plan what to write, or is it all spontaneous?

did this get asked already in a different way?... what I said last time was: ideas sometimes come before I sit down to write, but I have never outlined anything... even when I was self-publishing and editing I just poured it all out and/or threw in whatever was submitted and stirred gently and then started editing... content first, form is built around it... it's still very much the same, though I do consider topics for future entries and I guess that can be considered some form of planning...

52. Has writing a diary helped you in any way, or have you had negative results?

CD wrote: It's mental housecleaning. It's a wonderful thing.

yes, it is... writing is mental breathing...

53. Has your diary ever been found by someone you've written about?

it still goes something like this: I've met most of the local offline friends I have online, though not through diaryland or journaling... I've met some local journalers, but so far don't socialize with any and nobody here at DLand... I had hoped that the diaryland @ meetup site and others at meetup connect me with more local friends cuz I'd like to find more, but there are seldom enough people signed up for a local DLand meetup and I've been too busy/lazy to go to others in recent months... anyway, back to the question (and potential consequences, I suppose) I don't hide the fact that I ramble on endlessly on the web about anything and everything and links are in emails from time to time and everything is connected to my webpages, so people I know in offline life are bound to read me eventually, especially if they want to...

I still don't have a cast page though (note to self)...

54. Have you ever shown your diary to people you've written about and if so, what did they think?

I don't show it physically, I mention my writings in conversation, especially when I am choosing writing over going out on a given night... I've given the address to people who've asked for it... a few friends say they are amazed, a few people applaud from afar on a regular basis... bless them, for they keep me grounded and believing in the power of the word... other people give silent feedback...

55. Have you written a cast, terms list, or anything similar on your diary for readers to catch the meaning of words and names in your diary?

nope... it's on my theoretical to do list...

I suppose this might be something like a terms list...

56. How do you review your own entries -- what kind of entries are good ones, what bad?

I don't review... someday, if time permits, I might (ha, I have been saying I will edit when I have the time all through this life and I still await the editor of my dreams to come a sweept me off my illiterate typo-ridden run-on sentence grammatically incorrect feet... they'll have to have a great sense of humor and much self-security for I'll be laughing and toying with their rules a lot... here are some favorites, though I haven't updated that in more than a year... time, time, time... for now I'd rather be writing (until the next love of my life comes along, ya know)...

57. Have you ever deleted your own entries and if you have, was there a particular reason?

only to re-date one on occasion... deleting is like sacriligious in my brain... the purist is so unrealistic, I suppose... but dahling, leave me my dreams...

58. Why did you choose to write a diary online, instead of keeping a locked book under your pillow, so to speak?

still the same: cuz I don't have a pillow?... cuz I don't like lumpy things under my head when I sleep?... cuz I write to share, not just to express myself and understand stuff... yeah, that's it (haven't you heard?)... and I have nothing to hide and like it that way...

59. Do you think there's a big difference between online and offline diaries and if so, what do you think these differences are?

I still think that knowing there is an audience has some influence on the writing, though it may not always be obvious... some of us can talk to ourselves in front of others very well... but observation effects everything, even silent and distant observation... the knowledge of the possibility that someone might read these words is almost always in my conscious mind, and I think it is always somewhere in my subconscious... but I have been writing to the universe since the beginning of my writing... I write to express myself, not just to myself, but to anyone who might care to know me... I also tend to repeat myself even without the help of similar questions or taking tests or surveys over a second time...

60. Any final comments, thoughts, words of wisdom or random babble about Dland, other diary hive sites, diary-writing online or in general?
CD said: We are the music makers, and the dreamers of the dreams.

see why I like her?... it's a small world after all?... we are the world?... imagine all the people, sharing all the world?... there are a million reasons to be here... but maybe the best for me is, when I am here, I know... I'm not the only one...

(just let me know you were here)

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